Who we are

Joint venture between the Aspiravi Group and Glosbe, we promote the development of renewable energies in France mostly through wind and photovoltaic technologies.

DERASP’s goal is to contribute to the energy transition in France, carrying the group historical approach based on strong relationships with local partners such as municipalities, farmers, landowners, industries, financing companies, etc.

20 years

Aspiravi was officially founded on April 30th 2002

1,590 MW

The total installed capacity of all installations the Aspiravi group is involved in, amounts to 1,590 MW

382 wind turbines

The Aspiravi group is involved in the management of 382 wind turbines on land and at sea, in Belgium and abroad

2 millions tonnes

Thanks to the renewable energy our installations produce, we reduce the emission of CO2 with 2 millions tonnes every year

Due to an historically strong shareholding (94 municipalities) and an healthy financial situation, the Aspiravi Group has grown continually over the past 20 years.

In this way, we cannot only achieve our business objectives, but also build at a steady pace on a sustainable future for the next generations.

Our Technologies


Wind energy is the energy that is generated by the conversion of kinetic energy of the air into electric energy in a sustainable manner.

With a 20 years experience in wind energy onshore and offshore (through the group and its shareholders), DERASP puts the development of wind projetcs in priority.

DERASP’s team takes at heart to discuss with all stakeholders (municipalities, landowners, farmers, representatives of the State) from the early stage of development of its projects to ensure a better acceptability for everyone involved.


Agrivoltaism is the combination of an agricultural and an energy productions with benefits from each other.

DERASP’s vocation is to develop agrivoltaic projects with a priority given to the agricultural production, starting from the needs of the farmers, and identifying the best technology suitable for the crops (fix, dynamic, semi-transparent, etc.).

With a strong innovative capacity on agrivoltaic projects, DERASP designs each project in partnership with experts such as Chambers of Agriculture, environnemental and technical advisors, farmers, etc.


Solar energy is the energy that is generated by the conversion of radiant energy from the sun into electric energy in a sustainable manner.

DERASP develops solar energy projects such as ground photovoltaic or large-scale rooftop photovoltaic (industrial rooftops, car park shadehouses, municipal buildings, etc.)

DERASP’s team has the ability to identify the best technology for each project (trackers, bi-facial, etc.) while respecting the regulatory and environmental frame.

Professional associations

Our mission and values

1 Mission

The Aspiravi Group is specialized in the future-oriented and exciting sector of renewable energy, a sector that is rapidly changing.

Our main mission is to develop and invest in renewable projects. This mainly concerns wind energy projects, agrivoltaic and photovoltaic projects in France.  Therefore we contribute to reestablish a better balance between human activities and nature, in a respectful utilization of resources. 

DERASP, in line with the Aspiravi Group policy, aims to actively participate, in an environmental friendly and social approach, to a sustainable development of renewable energy production.

5 Values

Sustainable Development

We aspire, as a team and individuals, to successfully participate to the energy transition. We are determined to work on tomorrow’s world, and its energy model, for future generations.

Partners First

Being focused on understanding our partners needs, we put our expertise at the service of the projects. We offer them a tailor-made service to generate the maximum added value for all stakeholders.


We insist on execution excellence in all the projects that we follow to have the best outputs for our partners.


Our successful results derive from our commitment to bring a very hands-on approach on the development, the financing, the selection of technology and the implementation of renewable energy projects.


We create and develop a positive and agile environment based on collaboration and trust in order to quickly identify the mission and react accordingly in the most efficient way. Our expertise ranges from consulting to development and investment strategy to best meet our clients’ needs.

Meet the team

DERASP consists of a multidisciplinary team of experienced and motivated employees who together guarantee the realization of high-quality projects. Our team follows every project from start to operation for our different types of installations (wind, agrivoltaism, ground or rooftop photovoltaism).

DERASP leans on the 20 years of experience of the Aspiravi Group and its strong and skilled team, mostly for strategy, development, finance, legal technology, construction and operation.

An open business culture and short lines of communication characterize the Aspiravi Group. We work in an extremely professional and dynamic manner.

The chairman of DERASP is Mr. Rik Van de Walle, general manager. The operational team is presented hereafter.

Alain Kerboriou


Previously: Founder of Glosbe, CEO of Gaia Energy (Luxembourg, Africa), VP of Vestas Mediterranean, Global Head of Structured Export Finance at Natixis

Education: HEC Paris

Roxane Kempler

Administration, finance and partnerships manager – Agrivoltaism manager

Previously: Head of project and development coordination, Manager of social & safety projects

Education: AgroParisTech engineer

Edwin Kerboriou

Renewable Energy Development Engineer

Education: ESTACA engineer, ESCP

Mathieu Fauvel

Renewable Energy Development Engineer

Education: UTT engineer

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